1961 World Champion Snipe

#13005, built in 1961 by Lippincott Boat Works, Riverton, NJ, USA. 

Interesting that this boat (#13005) was the actual 1961 World Champion Snipe, sailed by Axel and Eric Schmidt of Brazil.

This boat was originally owned by Richard Thuma at Mystic Lake/Winchester/Boston MA.  The new owner is now Francis Saltre of Wayzata MN.

1961 Snipe World Championship

Axel and Eric Schmidt

1 thought on “1961 World Champion Snipe

  1. Excelente barco el Snipe….
    Personalmente me dio muchas satisfacciones…..
    Mi barco era un Bordolani (Argentina), cockpit abierto, A 16586…..
    Hermoso ejemplar….. había muy pocos abiertos en aquellos años (1967)

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