World Masters Age: 45 again

By Gweneth Crook, Secretary WH&O

When the Board voted to increase the age of participation at the Masters there was an overwhelming response from you, the sailors. The discussion started at the World Masters regatta in Spain, and continued through e-mails and Snipe Today. Because of the feedback a motion was submitted to the Board to keep the Masters Age at 45. The Board has voted and the results are that the age for participating in the Masters is again 45, with the Skipper and Crew combining for 80 years of age.  I would like to thank the Board for reconsidering this issue. I would also like to thank all the sailors that expressed their opinions both for and against.

Dialogue and discussion is good for the class and will keep us moving forward.

3 thoughts on “World Masters Age: 45 again

  1. Thank you Gweneth. I can say the Board of Governors debated if those in their 40s who are still top international sailor should be racing in the World Masters. It was primarily input from National Secretaries and sailors that swung the opinion of the board to go back to 45. Thank you all for your contributions to the conversation.

  2. The class with these advances and retreats just shows that you do not know what you’re doing, this kind of behavior only depreciates the class. Master at age 50 strongly agree.

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