Alexandre Paradeda (BRA) & Kathleen Tocke (USA) on top of the Snipe SSL Ranking

From today you can find the leader in the Snipe skipper Ranking, Brazilian Alexandre Paradeda, and American sailor Katleen Tocke in the Snipe crew Ranking. Next Tuesday there might already be some changes if new events are sailed this week – or if an old one goes off the counting.

Skipper Ranking:

Crew Ranking:

It could be some problems and mistakes in the rankings. We are working with the SSL to solve them step by step. Please be patient!

Information needed to facilitate sailor profiles

To prepare the ranking, SSL needs to build the profiles of all sailors (skippers and crews) ideally as fully as possible.

For this reason we kindly ask you to send an email to with the following information:
1) birthday (no mandatory for … women) and birth place
2) class
3) usual crew (if you have it)
4) club
5) height and weight (if you would like to see it in your ranking profile)
6) your photo (if you would like to see it in your ranking profile)

The purpose is to build precise and complete profiles for each sailor.

Because we respect your privacy, the Snipe Class will not provided this information to the SSL: we would prefer that you send your information if you agree to be part of the ranking. We remain available for any clarification.

Thanks for your collaboration!

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