Ready, GO! Prepare your boat to be compliant

SnipeToday Webinar

The webinar, open to all interested parties (sailors, measurers, race officers, etc.), will take place on Friday 16 April at 9:00 PM CEST

Antonio Bari, the rules guru of the Snipe Class, will explain to us, in an online conference, how to prepare our boat to be compliant.

Measurements are often a critical point at main events, either National or International. Altough a boat must always comply with the rules, the Class has established different levels of control, depending on the event. The slides are a comprehensive guide how prepare your Snipe to be compliant.

Link to Google Meet:

Link to SnipeToday YouTube Channel:

Central European Summer Time: 9:00 PM

Western European Summer Time: 8:00 PM

Eastern European Summer Time: 10:00 PM

Japan: 4:00 AM

EDT: 3:00 PM

PDT: 12:00 PM

CDT: 2:00 PM

Rio de Janeiro: 4:00 PM

Buenos Aires: 4.00 PM


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